The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has beautiful beaches, warm turquoise water, glorious sunsets, viabrant and welcoming people and is also a major destinaton for Dental Tourism. "Doctors in the Sun" carefully selects skilled, qualified, professional dentists to care for our clients 
at savings of 60-80% on Exceptional Denistry - all while in the sun

 Think Health..


Mexico has made its name on the world stage as a leading destination for both dental and medical tourism. Mexico ranks  #1 in the world for dental tourism. The Mexican people are culturally and historically rich and well know the economic value of their international visitors.

Doctors in the Sun dental professionals on the Mexico/Texas border are just steps from the border and offer highly professional cutting edge dentistry at 70-80% less than typical Canadian and American pricing

Our bariatric and cosmetic surgeons are in Tijuana Mexico, the twin city of San Diego, California.