Excpeptional  DOCTORS    Amazing  RESULTS     Incredible  PRICING

​​​​​Doctors in the Sun brings together well educated, highly skilled doctors that have been carefully selected after in depth vetting and verification. We've visited and inspected each clinic. Each doctor is well established, very experienced and professionally recognized in their field. They 're also caring, warm compassionate people of high moral standard who along with being exceptional doctors, are also exceptional people. 

Our providers are located is warm locations that are fun to visit. Although the cost of your procedures will be much less than at home you won't compormise quality.  Rest assured your care will be equal to and very often better than at home.

Unlike many in the tourism field Doctors in the Sun is a boutique dental and medical provider. You won't find call centers, high pressure sales people nor support that ends when the bill is paid or you arrive home. Our mission is to change lives, we know living with an unhealthy, unattractive smile is hard, just as being trapped in a body that you just can't escape from.  We know because we've expienced both, we also know having a strong support system makes a huge difference and often can be the difference between success and failure.

We would be honoured to guide you, support you and smile with you. Welcome to Doctors in the Sun, we invite you to experience the difference our commitment makes. We mean what we say  Patients First - ALWAYS.