Nuevo Progreso, Mexico​

​​Nuevo Progreso is a 5 minute walk across the Rio Grand River from Texas. The moment you arrive you'll know you're in Mexico,  you'll hear the music,  take in the aroma of Mexican foods as you enter a small yet busy and vibrant town. Nuevo Progreso is filled with dentists, pharmacies, manicures and pedicures. The town caters to "Winter Texans" and all that visit. There's no question that many of the dentists in this tiny town are good dentists, yet the fact remains that some are not,  while others claiming to be dentists aren't qualified nor licensed, exact numbers are impossible to know but are a significant concern. 
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Nuevo Progreso's  ONLY  Doctors in the Sun Authorized Provider 

Most visitors to the Rio Grand Valley travel by car, and most often stay on the Texas side. There are a numbers of cities and towns side by side making up "the Valley" Many visitors winter in the valley in the 200+ RV parks and or in the many hotels. Those arriving by air will find airports​ in McAllen, Harlingen and Brownville. We winter in Weslaco, Texas and very much enjoy our many visits to Nuevo Progreso