A "20 Year Guarantee" in dentistry is extremely rate. It is expression of the confidence Punta Cana Oral Health and Punta Cana Dental Lab has in their work and their advanced technology. 

The 20 year guarantee covers:

- crowns, bridges, dentures fixed and removable and any other product made by Punta Cana Dental Lab against any defect for 20 years. The item will be replaced, not repaired. If the patient is international and not intending to be in Punta Cana the replacement item will be sent to you by courier. Installation of the replacement is not covered and the responsibility of the patient. If the patient can come to Punta Cana Oral Health the installation will be completed at no cost to the patient.

- Punta Cana Oral Health uses a superior quality Implants, second to none. Should an implant itself fail it will be replaced free of charge, including the crown to attach to the implant however the patient must come to Punta Cana for this procedure to be completed. 

Should you be involved in an accident or other event that results in you breaking a crown, denture, bridge, etc. Punta Cana Oral Health will prepare a replacement item at a 50% discount. It will be couriered to you for installation by your local dentist

How can they prepare a new crown, denture, etc. when I have not come to the clinic for a new impression?

Great Question! Punta Canal Dental Lab uses technology that is so advanced and so precise that they are not sending you a replacement that is a copy of the one you currently have, they produce the exact crown you currently have. This is a huge advantage for the international patient.