Gastric sleeve surgery removes 80-85% of the stomach creating a sleeve shaped, very small stomach which restricts food intake without a malabsortive procedure.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a  laparoscopy surgery that creates the new form of stomach that is like a banana with approximate capacity of 2-5 ounces (60-150cc).

Removal  of the Ghrelin hormone which stimulates hunger . As a result the patient has little appetite after surgery which doesn't occur in patients who undergo Gastric Bypass or Gastric Band. 

PAYMENT CALCULATIONS: All financing offers are based on approved credit, not all applicants will qualify. Payment of $74.39 is calculated as $4495 @ 9.9%, 84 months. Some patients will qualify for 7.9%, 72 months and month payments of $78.59 . Loans can be paid out in full at any time. For further info see "No Money Down"
Extremely high BMI's may incure increased surgical fees.