Dr. Javier Galva Goriup

Member of the American College of Prosthodontics
Director technical Área de mechanics Dental ITSC Community College
In charge of the occlusion and Dental anatomy program of the NBDE preparations program, DentArtist, Santo Domingo
Languages- Spanish/English: High Level ,French/Portuguese: basic level
Bachelor of Science, Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo.
PhD in dentistry at the Dental School of IberoamericanaUNIBE University, Santo Domingo.
Specialization in oral rehabilitation by the School of postgraduate studies of the Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE, Santo Domingo.
2 year residency in dental ceramics and dental mechanics in Solda, Santo Domingo.
Certification in "Digital Realities for Dental Laboratories" at The American College of Prosthodontics, Orlando, USA.
Internship in implant surgery for prosthetic purposes. Clinique Dentaire DiBattista, Montreal, Canada.
Certification in PSD Phostoshop Smile Design under Techniques UCLA, Santo Domingo.
Intensive training on aesthetic techniques in indirect restorations with a focus on veneers at the International Center for Dental Education (ICDE) Bogotá, Colombia.
Universidad Iberoamericana – Active teacher of the subjects "Laboratorio de prosthodontics"/"Topics of total Dentures"/"Dental Clinic"/"Clinical Case Seminar" – Postgraduate unit, specialization in oral rehabilitation.
Teaching Dental Clinic Dr. Marcos Díaz – Teacher of the subjects "dental materials" and "preparation of dentures"-Technical course for the training of dental technicians.
Technical Director of the area of Dental mechanics-Instituto técnico Superior communautaire (ITSC), Santo Domingo Este.
ITSC ComunnityCollege – Professor of "occlusion"/"Laboratory of Fixed prostheses"/"Laboratory of removable prostheses"/"Laboratory of prosthesis on implants"
"The GuíaCanina and the stomatognathic system: A Literary Review". 2012.
"Digital Dentistry and robotics. AvancesTecnológicos in the OdontologíaCosmética and restorer at RepúblicaDominicana ¨. 2016.
MúltiplesCharlas and lectures to NivelNacional in the area of Prótesisfija, PrótesissobreImplantes, CerámicasDentales, occlusion and Dental cosmetics.