Obese teens have a higher incidence of mental health problems including depression, anxiety and poor self esteem​​​​

Obesity effects more people now than ever before. Obesity is the the second highest cause of preventable death, second only to smoking deaths. Obesity is responsible for 2.8 million deaths in the USA each year

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30% ​
of all teens are
over weight

 17% ​​
of all teens
are obese

Obese teens are more likely to suffer peer victimization and bullying than obese adults

of obese children will become obese adults

Teens suffering with obesity may find relief from weight loss sugery. Teens approved for surgery will have a clear understanding of obesity, nutrition, the role of weight loss surgery and a level of maturity to fully comprehend the procedure. 

We're pleased to offer Discounts for family members having weight loss surgery together 

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